Saturday, April 30, 2011

Celeb Style for Less: Kate Middleton's Polished Printed Dress

Kate Middleton has been all over the media this weekend, and rightfully so! While talk has mostly been about her flawless wedding gown, I actually fell in love with this outfit Kate was wearing the night before her ceremony. The combination of the navy dress with a white jacket is very elegant, but still gives off a casual vibe.

If you love Kate's look as much as I do, check out this lower-priced dupe below:

To mimic this outfit, find a navy blue printed dress like this one from H&M. Although this dress has a sash, it can easily be removed for an authentic Kate-inspired look. Next, add a feminine ruffled jacket and wedged shoes similar to the ones Kate was wearing. Finally, I added a delicate watch for a touch of sophistication. This would be the perfect outfit for going out to dinner on a warm summer night!


  1. I love her.

    Also Michelle Obama wore a variation of that H&M dress on The View. Pretty cool.

  2. I love your celeb style for less posts! They make me want to go shopping :-)

  3. Thank you! They're fun for me to do :)