Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Loving... Clarissa Darling's Fashion Sense

Ever since Nickelodeon started airing reruns of popular '90s shows, I've been staying up extra late to get my childhood fix. One of the earliest TV shows I remember watching was Clarissa Explains it All, so I'm pretty excited that Nick decided to add it to their lineup.

While the show itself is not as mind-blowingly amazing as my 3-year-old self recalls, Clarissa's outfits are just as cool and stylish as I remembered. Seriously, I've been having major wardrobe envy over here!

One thing that surprised me was the fact that a lot of the outfits Clarissa wore would actually be considered trendy today-- I've spotted pops of neon, oversized hipster shades and crop tops over the last few weeks. Plus, Clarissa knew how to mix prints like a pro. I guess what they say is true: everything old is new again!

So, in honor of her awesome fashion sense, I've found some items to help you channel your inner Clarissa Darling. Whether you just want to add a little of her style savvy to your look or want to full-on dress up as her for a costume party, check of these pieces below:

1. Floral Doc Martens- via Karmaloop, $79.95 (on sale!)

2. Hot Pink Shortie Socks- Bloomingdale's, $21.00

3. Tri Color Vest- Forever 21, $29.80

4. A Ring to It Tights- ModCloth, $14.99

5. True Color Feather Earrings, Forever 21, $4.80

6. Printed Tie-Up Headband- ASOS, $5.17

7. Neon Tiger Tee- Hot Topic, $26.50

8. Boyfit Jean- American Eagle Outfitters, $19.99

9. Chiffon Oversized Button-Up- American Apparel, $58.00

10. Timex Digital Watch- ASOS, $90.50

11. Second Skin Bike Shorts- Revolve Clothing, $42.00

Do you like Clarissa's style as much as I do? Have you been watching "The 90s Are All That" on Teen Nick? What's your favorite '90s show? I'd love to know!

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