Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lust List: May 2011

Time for my monthly roundup of clothes and accessories I'm loving right now. If by some chance I won the lottery, rest assured that these would be the items I'd buy first.

1. Ethnic Print Maxi- This would usually be too over-the-top for my tastes, but I really want this dress.  All the bold colors work well together and the print is so fun!

2. Watermelon Wish Necklace- This necklace would be an adorable and unique addition to my jewelry collection. It would add some subtle quirkiness to any outfit.

3. Lacquer Yellow Chino Shorts- I love the lemony yellow shade of these shorts-- perfect for summertime!

4. Belted Knit Tunic- This is a good basic top to own and the built-in belt amps up the style factor.

5. Straw Doctor Bag- Straw bags are going to be huge this summer and I love how this satchel has such a structured and elegant look.

6. Textured Bracelet- This wooden bangle has such an earthy and handmade feel to it. You would never guess by looking at it that it costs less than $7 and is from Forever 21!

7. Mini Wedge Heel- Between the classic shape, the bright orange color and understated heel these may just be the perfect sandals.

8. Branches Ring- The juxtaposition of the utilitarian metal of the ring and it's organic shape makes it a great piece of statement jewelry.

Have you found any pieces you're lusting after this month? What do you think of these items? Let me know!


  1. I think you would look really cute in the maxi!

  2. I actually bought a maxi similar to that one this weekend!