Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love or Loathe? Rainy Day Ballet Flats

I visited my local J. Crew Factory Store the other day and saw something I had never seen before-- waterproof ballet flats! These flats act like a much chicer pair of rainboots and are designed keep your feet dry during rainy days.

I wasn't sure if I liked them when I first spotted them, but they slowly grew on me. The flats are extremely lightweight, so they could easily be thrown into a bag or you could even leave a pair in your car in case of impromptu rainstorms.

J. Crew's Rainy Day Ballet Flats are so stylish-- you could get away with wearing them on sunny days, as well! I also love the openings on the side, as jelly-like shoes often need ventilation.

My only gripe is that these shoes would only work well during fairly light rainstorms. If you got caught in a heavy downpour with lots of puddles, I think you would be left feeling pretty soggy.

The flats are available in four colors and cost $58 on the J. Crew website. However, at the outlet I went to the exact same flats were on sale for under $30! I definitely recommend heading over to your local J. Crew Factory Store if you're interested in buying a pair.

I'm sure there are also lots of imitations out there-- if you see any, let me know!

So, do you love or loathe these flats? Do you think they're practical or will you just stick to rainboots?


  1. love! i think these are adorable for spring. rain boots can get so cumbersome!

    1. Yeah they are, I have the clear mocha and won't wear anything else on a rainy day. Saves alot of shoes.

  2. I saw them at the J. Crew store too and thought it was such a neat idea, but I didn't pick a pair up because it doesn't rain a lot where I live. But they're absolutely adorable! :]

    Love, Cass

    P.S. I know you write for CF and I was wondering if on your next "Fresh Fashion Icon" post you could do Hailee Steinfeld? Thanks!

  3. Cass- I already have the next few Fresh Fashion Icon posts lined up, but I'll definitely look into doing one on Hailee Steinfeld :) Thanks for the comment!

  4. Awww. :[ Even though the Kate Middleton post was great! Please consider doing Hailee Steinfeld!

    Love, Cass