Sunday, March 27, 2011

Link Love: Week of 3/27/11

Link Love
  • BuzzSugar put together a list of books to read before their adaptations hit the big screen. I really want to read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and The Hunger Games. Have you read either?
  • "How Not to Damage Your Hair with a Flat Iron" has great tips for any straightener-loving girl.
  • ShelterPop designed a room inspired by an outfit worn by Evan Rachel Wood. Totally clever and I love the chaise they included.
  • On a kind-of-related note, I stumbled upon this awesome website called Hooked on Houses, which has a section featuring pictures of TV and movie houses. They've included everything from "Gossip Girl" to The Addams Family to Bringing Up Baby. So much eye candy!

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