Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fashion & Beauty Resolutions for the New Year


Happy 2011, everyone! I wanted to share with you my fashion and beauty resolutions for the new year, in hopes that you'll find the inspiration to make some similar resolutions.


  • I will try the 30-for-30 challenge at least once this year. If you've never heard of this challenge before it goes like this: You choose 30 items of clothing and wear only those items for the next month. Shoes and outerwear are included in the 30 items, but jewelry and other accessories are freebies. Sounds pretty simple, right? Here's the catch: you also aren't allowed to shop for that month, which will be the hardest part for me. I think the challenge might be difficult for me to do in winter, since St. Augustine's weather is so erratic-- I'll probably wait until warmer weather rolls around to fulfill  this resolution. Need some inspiration before you try the 30-for-30? Check out these photos of the challenge from Kendi Everyday.

  • I will choose quality over quantity. It's always been hard for me to buy a $100 basic black cardigan from J. Crew when I could buy four trendy tops from Forever 21 for the same price. But in reality, the sweater is a better choice. It is made out of higher-quality materials then the tops, which are likely to shrink and look worn-out after a few washes. Also, a basic black cardigan is always a classic choice, while the tops will look dated very quickly. So this year, I'll be choosing higher quality items over inexpensive, cheaply made clothing.

Small Wardrobe

  • I will have a smaller wardrobe that is both functional and stylish. To me, this means getting rid of all of the excess clothes that are cluttering my closet-- the outdated trends, the worn out pieces and the clothing that simply doesn't fit anymore. Once I downsize my closet to the basics, I'll make a list of everything I need to have a complete wardrobe. I'm aiming to create a closet that contains around 70% classic pieces and about 30% trendy items.

  • I will not get into a denim rut. Confession: I usually wear jeans from six or seven days a week. My resolution for 2011 is to only wear them four days a week (at most!) and wear all of the skirts, dresses and trousers I've been neglecting.


  • I will wear moisturizer and sunscreen every day. I'm so bad at remembering to do this. Most mornings I'm in a huge rush, so I always skip these two products to save time. It's important to wear moisturizer and SPF in the long run, so I will take the time every morning to apply both.

  • I will splurge on a new beauty product a few times this year. I often put off buying expensive beauty products because of the high price. This year I vow to splurge on new beauty products if: 1. They are worth the price and 2. I would use them every day. The first on my list of items to buy? Make Up Forever's HD Foundation, the Urban Decay Naked Palette and Tarte's cheek stain are three beauty products I've been wanting for a while, and I think they fit my aforementioned criteria.

Makeup Splurges

  • I will wash my makeup brushes regularly. This is another thing I'm pretty bad at. I wash my makeup brushes, but not as often as I should. Lots of bacteria and oils can build up each time you use a brush, so it's recommended that you wash them daily.

  • I will try out new hairstyles. For me, this doesn't mean getting a drastic haircut. Actually, since I'm going to be a bridesmaid, I have strict orders from my friend not to cut my hair until after her big day. Even though the wedding's not until March 2012. (Oh, the things you do for friends, haha!) But I do vow to try out fun new ideas on how to wear my tresses. With so many easy and simple step-by-step tutorials (like this one) available to watch on YouTube, there's really no excuse not to.

Do you have any fashion or beauty resolutions for 2011? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. These are good ones! I have to start writing my resolutions down- I always have a lot.

  2. Love it! I want to try the MUFE HD Foundation as well. :)

  3. 1. thanks for the 30/30 challenge, seems... challenging!! Idk about the not shopping for 30 days
    2. its that your rack set up?? super j
    3. MAKEUP FOREVER IS A MUST!! my friends a makeup artist to the stars and gave me a little tutorial, she swears by the line. I've been using the liquid foundation and duo-mat to set it... so natural, very happy with it. for me I prefer applying the duo-mat with their kabuki brush that comes in a cute black pouch. another great item you shd check out is NARS orgasm, its a duo w blush and bronzer and works on any skin tone
    4. I tend to ramble! good luck with your resolutions:)


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