Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Week: Dress up Jeans and a White Tee

Two wardrobe staples that every girl (and guy!) should own are jeans and a basic white t-shirt. Although they're fairly plain on their own, these two pieces can literally be transformed into hundreds of different outfits with the right accessories. For example, you can add a lightweight scarf and a pair of comfy flats for a great everyday look or throw on a blazer and some sky-high heels for a sleek nighttime look.

So this week, pull out your trusty jeans and a plain white tee and make them stylish. Here's how I'm planning to wear mine:

For this look, I chose a very basic, no-frills white tee and some springtime-appropriate cropped denim. Then layer on a pretty striped cardigan for a pop of color. Add a belt, which can either be worn either traditionally through the belt loops or over the cardigan for a fresh look. Next, add some simple sandals in a nice neutral color-- I'm loving this pair from Wet Seal! Finally, accessorize with your favorite jewelry. I chose these rose-gold earrings and matching ring for a modern touch.

What do you think of this outfit? How would you style jeans and a white tee? Let me know!

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